The official Zoning District Map is posted and maintained at the Griffith Town Hall at 111 North Broad Street, Griffith, Indiana. An online version is available for you to view and save.

The Town of Griffith, Indiana Zoning District Map file is about 1.2 megs in size and will take about 60 seconds to download on a modem connection, and much quicker for users with high speed cable or DSL.

When the download completes, the map should automatically open in the Adobe Acrobat reader software.

At the top of your Adobe reader screen, be aware of several icons (buttons):

  • One looks like a floppy disk, and you can click on that to save the Zoning District Map onto your PC's hard drive. We suggest you save the file as that will allow you to view the map at your leisure, without having to re-download it.

  • You will also find icons (buttons) labeled + and - which can be used to zoom in and out of the image. For example, clicking the + icon (button) several times will enlarge the image so that you can see street names, etc.

  • There is also an icon (button) that looks like a magnifying glass. Click on that and your mouse cursor should change to a magnifying glass. Move the cursor to a location on the map and then click one or many times with your left mouse button to zoom in.

Click Zoning District Map link to download/view/save the Town of Griffith, Indiana Zoning District Map which was adopted December 29, 2004.

The filename is: zoning1.pdf