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Online Code of Ordinances

Municipal Code Corporation (MuniCode) in Tallahassee, Florida is the company responsible for maintaining and codifying the Town of Griffith Municipal Codes and Ordinances. One of the additional services they can provide is online access to our ordinances.

The Town of Griffith ordinances are now available online.

Be aware that these online ordinances are NOT updated after every ordinance change approved by the Town Council. Plans are to update the online ordinances 2-4 times a year, depending on the quantity of additions and updates. When you access the online ordinances, the first webpage of the Town of Griffith ordinances will list the date of the last update.

Below are various screen images of the online ordinances along with some basic instructions. We suggest you review that information prior to connecting to the MuniCode web server.

Our experience is that the MuniCode web server is generally available during the day and evening hours. Since they provide this online service to various communities and governments, they do frequent updates in the late night and early morning hours and the online service is unavailable while this is occurring. If you are unable to connect with MuniCode, try again a few hours later.

Comments or questions about the online Town of Griffith Code of Ordinances at MuniCode should be directed to Clerk-Treasurer Office.

Click on the following website link for the Town of Griffith Code of Ordinances at MuniCode and a separate window will open:

If there's a problem accessing that MuniCode webpage, an alternate link is:
and on the U.S. map, click on the State of Indiana. On the subsequent page which lists Indiana municipalities, click on "Griffith Code of Ordinances".

Instructions - Information - Screen Images:

The screens shown below are not MuniCode webpages but are images of the pages that you will encounter when accessing the MuniCode website.

Since these are screen images and not actual webpages, the black, blue and green clickable links shown below will not work.

When you access the MuniCode web server, the first screen will be a "Welcome to!" similar to the screen image below. On the right side of your screen, you would click on "Continue to Griffith, IN Code of Ordinances".

Above is a screen image - not a webpage with clickable links

The first page of the Town of Griffith Code of Ordinances includes information on the last update to the online ordinances. In this screen image below, the online ordinance includes all updates through July 5, 2005. On the left side of the screen are the various ordinance sections including the section name and number. Your particular screen should be very similar to the image below - however, there could be variations because of the web browser which you are using (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla), the size and resolution of your monitor, and font types and font sizes which you have selected.

Above is a screen image - not a webpage with clickable links

Above is a screen image - not a webpage with clickable links
On the left is an expanded view of the clickable links to various chapters in the Code of Ordinances.

For example, if you clicked on CHAPTER 10 ANIMALS*, you would be taken to the screen below.

Below is the opening page for CHAPTER 10 ANIMALS*. On the right side of your screen, you will see links to the various sections within CHAPTER 10 ANIMALS*.

Above is a screen image - not a webpage with clickable links

On the top left on all the screens is a Search Box where you can enter a word or phrase. You can also click on the Choose Search Form and select from several advanced search options.


To become comfortable with the search feature, pick one of the following words/subjects and then run the search:
junk vehicle
dog tag
tool shed
building permit

For example, to search for ordinances relating to "junk vehicle", type that term in the search box, and then click on the Search button. You can enter the search term in upper or lower case.


Below is a screen image of a search using the term "junk vehicle". Note that the first 1-20 search items are shown and a total of 47 items were found. You would click on "More" at the bottom to go to the next screen.

Above is a screen image - not a webpage with clickable links