The original War Memorial was dedicated on Sunday, September 27, 1953 and consisted of the above white granite monument which was inscribed with the Armed Forces insignias (on the column sides --- not shown in this photo, but the columns can be seen in the image below).


In 1958, the Sherman M-4 A-3 Tank (far right) was obtained from a National Guard unit, and installed at the site.


In November, 1986, the Griffith Veterans Memorial Committee was formed and countless hours were spent in the planning and fundraising of an addition to the War Memorial. On Saturday, May 28, 1988, the updated Memorial was dedicated, and the main addition consisted of black granite inscribed with the names of the 28 Griffith military who were killed or missing in action from 1918 through Vietnam. The black granite is the same material used for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C.

Note: the dark and lighter shadings on these images is caused by the angle of the sunlight as well as shadows from the trees and branches around the Memorial.

Marine Corporal Kenneth Lloyd Crody, M. I. A. in Vietnam since 1972, was interred at Arlington National Cemetery in 2004. Click HERE for the May 31, 2004 story at the The Times newspaper website.

Marine Sgt. Duane Rios, age 25, was killed in action on April 4, 2003.
Army Pfc. John Amos II, age 20, was killed in action on April 4, 2004.